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Design Your Perfect Product with Us

Gold Necklace
Three Door Case

Ordinary Opening Case

The most common style of presentation box, but that doesn't mean it's not the best choice for your object

Two Door Opening Case

This design is often used for presenting items that are taller and stand upright such as clocks or trophies

Three Door Opening Case

Objects that need to be seen or accessed from above are better suited to this design of case

Winged Double Door
Cupboard Door Opening
Double Door with Strut

Winged Double Door

This Style of opening allows the object to be revealed and looked at through 360 degrees

Cupboard Door

A simple solution of packaging often used for transportation opposed to presentation

Two Door Case with Strut

The incorporation of a strut or easel on the back of the case is a great way to display in shop windows, adding elevation like this can really help catch the eye

Polished Wooden Box
Slanted Cut Open

Polished Wooden Box

Whilst the majority of our boxes are covered in materials such as leather, we do offer Polished wooden boxes in Mahogany or Sycamore

Slanted Opening

Used when items inside need to be tilted further forward than normal for presentation

Lift Off Lid

Often described as a chocolate box style case they allow for removal of the lid that helps display items in cabinets

Pyramid Box Model
Deep Chest Box
Shaped Case


If you can dream it we can (probably) create it! Some of our creations are themed to the object within

Chests/Deep Boxes

Deep Boxes are great for helping to protect bigger Products as well as Present them

Shaped Case

These boxes really do Fit the item like a glove! A very Traditional Design that we can still create

Shaped Double Door
Viewing Window Box
Manuscript Box

Shaped Two Door Case

For an even more impressive way to show of the shape of the product inside

Viewing Window

Need to see the Product even when the box is closed, then this will do the trick

Books and Manuscripts

Important Documents can require not only protecting but presenting well

Box Designs: Products
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