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Past Projects

Bespoke, Made to Measure, Ready to Display

The Gallery: Products

Pyramid Box

This Pyramid Presentation Box for a Broach along with its certificate was more like model making for our team. When the drawer and lid are closed it looked just like a pyramid. It is this attention to detail that allows us to produce the best packaging products in the UK.
It just goes to show if you can dream it we can build it!


Double Door Necklace Box

The Majority of our work challenges us to produce boxes that not only present the piece as best as possible, but also holds them in place securely. This Necklace box proved tricky as the item didn't sit flat and so a mold was created that took this into account with the back sweeping up and round, just as it would on a neck when being worn.

Harry Potter

We have created many Props and Boxes for TV series as well as Films over the years. This Box created for one of the Harry Potter Movies is just one example of the work we have carried out for a variety of industries.

Mirror Box

Mirrored Box

This Box was designed for an object that not only had great detail and beauty in what could be seen from above but also on the underside. So we built a mirror into the design to show off the underneath without having to remove it from the box and its fitting.

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