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Original Jewel Display Leather Goods

Our History

Our History: Products

In 1967, Gordon Morrish founded Jewel Display based on the principles of Quality and Excellence. He could see that there was a need for bespoke cases in the high-end or luxury goods market. Using his knowledge of box making gained as an Apprentice in London, Gordon set up a small manufacturing unit producing limited quantities of jewellery boxes and leather goods for trade. Whilst only a small outfit, the business was soon recognised in the industry for its unique attention to detail, gaining Jewel Display a highly sort after reputation.

Old Collectors Watch Box
Fan Box Display

It quickly became apparent that the Bespoke Case and box making side of the business was where the future lie for Jewel Display. Manufacturing was concentrated on this area alone and continued success meant the business grew, with Gordon making his two sons partners. Production and team size increased to meet demands of an ever-growing customer base, as well as new technologies and materials introduced to combat the diversity of customers bespoke presentation case designs.

Jewel Display has a strong and knowledgeable team that can only come from the experience of successfully operating and growing since 1967. We work hard to supply the best products possible to all manner of requirements, with quick turnarounds at no cost to quality, we continue to strive for excellence, rising to every challenging bespoke box specification received.

Cutlery Box

The original principles of Jewel Display live on as we continue to strive for quality and Excellence in our handcrafted bespoke presentation boxes. Now in its Third generation, the business continues to succeed and grow both Sales and its Customer base throughout the UK as well as the World, continuing to showcase British Manufacturing at its Best.

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